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Five days and thousands of new ideas

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe National Wellness Conference 2013 is over and my head is full of new experiences, information and emotions. In upcoming articles I will share with you what I have learnt.

In past days I have met and heard many leading figures in current wellness industry, such as Michael Arloski, Judd Allen, Craig Becker and many others. So look forward to getting to know more about what these wellness professionals have to say.

The Mission 2013 has started and so did the conference. Keep updated!

Building wellness on NWC 2013

The mission, the Mission on which I went to United States to observe American wellness, has got to its most important part today. The National Wellness Conference 2013 has started.

For following your days the city of Stevens Point, WI, will be hosting the annual meeting of wellness professionals, experts and newbies (me). Today’s opening reception tuned all participants into very friendly mood, I´ve met 3 people who have relatives in Czech Republic and have won a water bottle. So far, so good :)

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European Wellness, is it just spa?

Is there a difference between American and European wellness? Just as wellness changes from one person to another, it changes one country from another. The quickest way to find what wellness in Europe is about is just to google it. Let´s have a look at the search results and I will tell you more.

European wellness - Karlovy vary - by National Geographic Traveller, Catherine Karnow

European wellness, Karlovy Vary – National Geographic Traveller, Catherine Karnow

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Is there future for workplace wellness?

NWIProudMemberLogoThere was a webinar about workplace wellness programs on the National Wellness Institute today. As a proud member of NWI (by the way the first from Czech Republic), I couldn´t refuse this offer and as a preparation for the Mission NWC 2013 I signed up 10 minutes earlier and excited waited for the beginning of the session.

I´ve caught the recent fuss about the RAND report and I was at no side of this dispute. Attending the webinar Culture Trumps Wellness: Creating a Framework for Sustainable Well-being with Dr. Rosie Ward gave me an opinion. For more, it altered my perception of workplace wellness programs. Despite the RAND report, there is a future for workplace wellness programs. Let me tell you more.

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Shortly there will appear articles about wellness. What is it? Where did it come from and where is it heading?

Together we will find out.